Animal Care Center In Desperate Need of Vehicle

The Animal Care Center of St. John (ACC) is appealing to residents and non-residents alike for assistance with a donation of a vehicle to transport animals.

Currently, dedicated staff members use their own vehicles to pick up stray animals as well as the transportation of animals to and from the veterinary clinic. Without the proper vehicle, numerous runs back and forth from Cruz Bay to Canine Cats and Critters (our local veterinarian) are often the required.

“It would be so nice to have the appropriate vehicle to help all of the animals in need,” said full time ACC administrator Ryan. “I have my small Suzuki Sidekick but when we are trying to transports multiple dogs or the many feral cats to be spayed and neutered, it’s impossible.”

The ACC staff envisions either an SUV or a four door truck.

“Either one would be great,” Ryan says. “I just need the vehicle to be reliable, and not an island clunker.”

The Animal Care Center of St. John, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being and care of homeless, abandoned and abused animals on the island of St. John.  The ACC is a “No Kill Shelter.”

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“Remember, this donation would be tax deductible,” Ryan added.

The ACC is located in Cruz Bay, near the library. The ACC addresses the problems of cruelty, neglect and abuse of the island animals. The shelter provides kennels for homeless dogs and inside cages for a limited number of homeless cats.

The ACC has one full-time manager and one or two paid part-time assistants plus numerous volunteers who are willing to take the agency’s resident dogs for walks.

The ACC has volunteers across St John who established and maintain feral cat feeding stations. At these locations, feral cats are trapped and taken to the local vet who tests for disease and, if healthy, spays or neuters and inoculates the cats. The cats are then returned to the feeding station. The tip of the left ear is clipped to indicate a neutered animal.

“This Trap-Spay/Neuter-Release program has proven to be the most effective and humane method of reducing a feral cat population,” Ryan said.

“We need your help,” Ryan said.  “This is not the time to sit on the sidelines and think that someone else is going to do it.”
Help make a difference in the lives of  animals at the shelter.:  Call 340-774-1625 or e-mail: [email protected] to make a donation.