Animals Thank Residents for Flea Market Support


Our first annual “No Fleas, Please Flea Market” not only raised a much needed $13,000 for the Animal Care Center, it also created the most wonderful, fun day and Love City vibe for our entire St. John community!

People joined together, limin’, visiting, catching up with each other and of course exploring and purchasing the many treasures that were donated by so many to help our homeless, abandoned and abused animals.

The ACC Board of Directors wishes to thank the many businesses and individuals who donated items, helped set up the ball field, trucked goods to the event, cleaned out closets to find items to donate and worked as volunteers at the sale itself.

What a great team of St. John animal lovers, all joined together for a great community cause: The Westin Resort and Villas, Caneel Bay Resort, The Marketplace, Bougainvillea, Charpe, Nest, Frames of Mind, Caravan Gallery, Katilady, The Fabric Mill, Big Fish, Caravan Auto, St. John Hardware, Paradise Lumber, The Canvas Factory, Gallows Point, Powell’s Property, St. John Ice, St. John Rotary, Tall Ships, St. John Properties, Landscaper Sally from Coral Bay, Department of Public Works, Department of Housing, Parks and Recreation, Pine Peace Mini Market, Storage on Site for the container, Paradise Lumber, as well as the many St. John villa rental companies and managers who donated the great furniture and household items.

And of course, thank you to those dedicated volunteers who worked so hard: B.J. Harris, Diana Ripley, Oriel Smith, Sheila Karcher, Jennifer Troisi, Bill Dove, Bonny Corbeil, Dean Baldwin, Jen Dale, Alfredo Alejo, Katie Swan, Jennifer Ewald, John Campbell, Mark Shekelton, Paul Devine, Michelle and Jay, Lucy Banks, Pam Gaffin, Jane Kyser, Amy Dupont, Lucy Portlock, Susan Preston, Calvin George, Miles Stair, Kathy Katz, Doug and Sharon Ehle, Jack, Mark and Mark, Michael and Billy, Amie, Harvath, Joey, Connie, Lateefah, Malik Stevens, Joyce, Zenobia Howe, Jessica Samuel and the students from Gifft Hill School (so sorry we don’t have your names!), Berton Scatliffe, Stanley Powell, Alphonse Domingo, Glenville Ellis, Anthony Toussaint and Monica Munroe’s sister Cathy.

A very special thank you to our ACC board president B.J. Harris and VP Diana Ripley who worked tirelessly; Connie Josephs, the ACC shelter manager who facilitated and received most of the donations; and board member Dr. Elaine Campbell who came up with this wonderful idea.

Special thank you also to Dr. Campbell’s family in the states — Dr. Rebecca Campbell and her son Rowan, Dr. Sabrina Campbell and her children Grace and Grant, and Jennifer Campbell Vesey and her son William, who donated a major part of the lovely children’s toys, games, and books. One island grandmother was thrilled to purchase such lovely toys for her grandson to put under the Christmas tree.

And to ACC board member Oriel Smith, our sincerest appreciation to you for your most generous donation of the car for the raffle prize!

Thank you all!
The Grateful Animals of St. John