Anne Marie Jn Baptiste

Services were held Saturday, November 3, for Anne Marie Jn Baptiste, 86, who died October 19. Burial was in Cruz Bay cemetery.

She was preceded in death by a son, Matthew Edward.

She is survived by her husband, Francis Jn Baptiste; children, Leon Small, Delbert JnBaptiste, Albertha Edward, Martin Jn Baptiste, Augusta Marsh, Deborah Jn Baptiste-Maximin, Gregory Edward, Joseph Small, Patrick Edward and Cecilia Mathurin; brother, Bonnie Edward; sons-in-law, Anthony Mathurin and Leo Maximin; daughters-in-law, Leona Jn Baptiste, Agatha Edward, Camilla Jn Baptiste, Josephine Edward and Mary Small; brothers-in-law, Lawrence, YoPaul, Clive and Roy Jn Baptiste; sisters-in-law, Frances Alcindor and Nancy Alexis; 55 grandchildren including Rebecca Edward, Kalisha Jn Baptiste, Nya Edward-Paul, Kalisha Mathurin, Alicia Edward-Martinez, Madline Edward, Ray Mathurin, Dahlia Edward, Alison Mathurin-Clair, Billie Edward, Natasha Mathurin-Africa, Darcus Edward, Keithlyn Edward, Jeffrey Edward, Patrick Edward Jr., Monique Edward, Alexander Ferdinand, Corren Edward, Gregory Edward Jr., Juleen Edward, Kuami Jn Baptiste, David Marsh, Lataifa Edward, Michaela Edward, James Mathurin and Virginia Small; adopted granddaughter, Mandy Cazaubon; 59 great-grandchildren; nine great-great-grandchildren; cousins, John Edward, Peter Charlery, John Linus Edward, Brenda Eugene, Nicodemus Marius, Bertina Charlery, Francis Charlery, Angela Marius, Vincent Marius, Herbina Pamphile and family, Desmond Charlery, Haines Smalls, Alan Charlery, Loretta Matie, Thomas Charlery, Flora Edward, Monique Lawrence, Ramona Edward, Veronica Edward, Clement Dolor and Bruno Esnard; godchildren, Sherry-Ann Alcindor and Reno Herman; special friends, Martha St. John, Virginia Snack, Thomas Haines, Rosaline Edward, Mamie Alcindor, Barbara Christopher, Lena Snack and Marty Jane St. Louis; friends, Sandy Marius, Prisca and Peter Laurencin and Liz Marsh; special thanks, Kay-Ann Callwood, Ellis Christian, Dr. Joseph DeJames, Roseline Edward and Dr. Elizabeth Barot.