Another VIPA Paving Project

ENIGHED — After abandoning efforts to rein in St. John taxi associations, rental villa operators and residents and expand its beachhead on the Cruz Bay waterfront, the V.I. Port Authority has focused its parking plans for Cruz back on Enighed Pond.

Amid reports that VIPA Executive Director Carlton Dowe was moving full steam ahead with plans to convert the gravel lot near the tennis courts at Enighed into paid parking, work began in early September on the unfinished gravel area in front of The Marketplace on South Shore Road currently used for trailer storage and as the entrance to the barge services.

There was no immediate announcement form VIPA of what the project involved.

The Enighed facility is built in what was a mangrove salt pond with a small connection to the sea. The property was the former site of an illegal dumping ground on the property and the new project may or may not be an alternative to the planned development of cargo storage area on the nearby VIPA filled property that St. John community activist Steve Black has proposed for a community event venue.