Archery Field on STX Is Ready for All Skill Levels

The Isaac Gateword James Park and Archery Field opens for all skills levels. (Photo courtesy of DPNR)

The Isaac Gateword James Park and Archery Field in Estate La Grange is open to the community for all skill levels, Commissioner Jean-Pierre L. Oriol of the Department of Planning & Natural Resources announced Monday.

The field is open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. for those with advanced skill levels and their own personal equipment, and on Sundays, beginners are welcome from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. All other interested groups, clubs, schools, and teams can contact the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) to schedule training outside of field and equipment maintenance times, according to the press release.

Interested individuals may receive training in introductory archery based on the National Archery in the Schools program (NASP). As archers improve, they may stay with NASP or choose from various archery styles, learn about maintenance, and practice with a variety of bow types. Advanced archers who show proficiency also have a chance to practice with 3D hunting targets and compete internationally, the press release stated.

All archery participants are advised to take necessary precautions to remain safe on and around the archery field. All participants are required to complete and sign a waiver form annually. “Archers are encouraged to not wear loose clothing – which may catch and tear on the bow string. Closed-toe shoes and socks, as well as bringing a hat, sunscreen, and drinking water are also suggested,” said William Coles, chief of Environmental Education at DFW.

In 1985, the Legislature named this park after Isaac Gateword James, a prominent chemist and chief engineer at the LaGrange sugar factory. James excelled in academics and was educated in Denmark. He later became owner of several plantations on St. Croix, including Brooks Hill and Robe’s Hill. DFW is honored to provide signage at the “Isaac Gateword James Park and Archery Field,” which was installed earlier this month. For more information or to schedule archery training, email or call (340) 773-1082 extension 2277, the release stated.