Architects’ Mud Slinging is Disgusting

Dear Editor:

I have read with disgust the article in your April 2 to 8, 2007 issue describing the V.I. Senate hearing on Sirenusa’s latest rezoning request on March 26.

My disgust is around the comments about certain architects “mudslinging” at certain individuals who have the decency and courage to stand up for gross abuses of our laws. I’m not sure of the intelligence or maturity of these architects who seem to feel they are being personally attacked and therefore feel it’s right to personally attack back. Is this the stone age?

It is irrelevant if an opponent’s property has violations to the legality of a current zoning request. Just because someone else did it wrong does that mean Sirenusa and Bordeaux Mountain Estates can? Perhaps I am naive, but I would have expected more rationality out of so called experts.
I would suggest to Mr. Karr and Mr. Milne that they put their time, energy and attention in their own back yard and stop

wasting their client’s precious funds on childish back stabbing.

Deborah Ramsay
Coral Bay