Attempted Sale of Controversial Group Dwelling Permit Still Not Explained

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) is still waiting for an explanation regarding Atlantic Northstar’s attempted sale of its 15-acre parcel in Estate Gift and Regenback and controversial group dwelling permit and plans for 36-unit condominium project.

DPNR officials requested a letter of explanation from the company after St. John Tradewinds reported the parcel and permit had been advertised for sale. The listing has since been withdrawn.

The group dwelling permit is not to be included in the sale of the parcel without the permission of DPNR Commissioner Dean Plaskett—which was not obtained by the company, according to DPNR.

St. Thomas architect William Karr, who drew the plans for the 36-unit development, told Marjorie Emmanuel, Director of DPNR’s Comprehensive and Coastal Zone Planning, a letter would be provided on Feb. 1.

“The letter should explain that it was being advertised, and whether it has been withdrawn,” said Emmanuel. “We need to know if there will be any changes to the permit.”

Delays in Explanation
By Feb. 7, the letter had not been received by DPNR, and a meeting was scheduled with representatives from DPNR and Atlantic Northstar for Feb. 15.

That meeting did not take place until Thursday, Feb. 23, according to DPNR spokesperson Jamal Nielsen, who did not have information regarding the delay.

“They spoke to the gentleman yesterday, and he said that a letter will be forthcoming to the commissioner within the next week,” said Nielsen on Friday, Feb. 24. “One of the owners said that they want to send the correspondence directly to the commissioner. He promised by next week we’ll have a letter.”

The letter is expected to include an explanation of the company’s future plans for the parcel, Nielsen added.