Bajo El Sol Gallery to Host ‘Right to Democracy’ to Change the Governing of U.S. Territories

Bajo El Sol Gallery

From 5 to 7p.m. on Tuesday, June 20, Bajo El Sol Gallery will host Right to Democracy, a new national organization focused on confronting the governing U.S. territories. Join co-founders Ahi Martinez Roman and Neil Weare, who are building a movement to confront and dismantle the undemocratic colonial framework that impacts 3.6 million people in U.S. territories – 98% of whom are people of color.

“We believe that people in U.S. territories should have power and agency over the decisions that impact their lives – there should be no colonies in the United States. We do not play politics, and we do not take a position on political status, other than to reject the present colonial relationship.” Right to Democracy, said founders of ‘Right to Democracy.’ To learn more, go to