Baked In The Sun Bakery Reopens with New Flair and Fare

Baked In The Sun owner Kim Edwards, left, takes time out of her busy schedule on a recent morning to pose with her employees.

Coffee just got a little extra kick at Baked In The Sun. The restaurant, which reopened Monday, October 16, after a four-week closure for renovations, recently received its liquor license.

“We have Bailey’s to put in coffee, and liquor for cappuccinos and lattes,” said Baked In  The Sun owner Kim Edwards.

Liquor License
In addition to obtaining a liquor license, the store is offering an expanded menu, and now caters more to the “cappuccino crowd,” said Edwards.

“We were first geared more toward construction guys, because that’s who was coming in here,” she said. “Now we’re gearing toward people who want things like cappuccinos.”

Computers, Wi-Fi
The store now offers a lounge-like feel, with a leather sofa, and two computer stations.

“We have two computers here now, and we’re hoping to offer Wi-Fi sometime soon,” said Edwards.

Baked In The Sun still offers some of its signature sandwiches, and has added smaller sandwiches and portions to its menu.

Soup de Jour
“We have some new stuff, and remakes of old sandwiches,” said Edwards. “We now have our Cuban sandwich as a calzone. We also have soup every day and focaccia pizzas.”

There are more items at Baked In The Sun to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, and the options for getting that caffeine fix have been expanded.

“We have ice cream sandwiches and ice cream pies,” said Edwards. “We also have cappuccinos, espressos and lattes. We are also getting a frappuccino machine, which will make a cold, frozen, cappuccino-like slushie.”

New Breakfast Items
The bakery will continue to offer Dean’s Beans and Green Mountain coffee.

Breakfast at Baked In The Sun has also been renovated.

“We have new breakfast sandwiches, stuffed baguettes and puff pastries,” said Edwards.

The bakery is also offering bialys — Jewish pastries that are similar to a bagel, but a bialy is baked instead of boiled, and is sometimes stuffed with fruit or onions, said Edwards.

“It’s a Brooklyn thing — something you’d get at a Jewish bakery,” she said.

Other changes at Baked In The Sun are a direct response to customer concerns, according  to Edwards.
“We have smaller portions, which a lot of women were asking for,” she said.

Edwards is also planning to offer wholesale foods, including breads and desserts, for local stores and restaurants.
How did this mother of a one-year-old son and her husband complete these major changes to their restaurant in just four weeks?

“I get up really early,” said Edwards.

Baked In The Sun is located on the third floor of The Market-place and is open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.