Beautification of Creek on Hold Pending Funding

The Cruz Bay Creek, which has become a shipyard of sorts, will not undergo beautification any time soon.

The Cruz Bay Creek, which has stood abandoned in the year since the Enighed Pond Marine Facility opened, will continue to serve as a spot for certain boats to tie up, and a parking lot, despite “no parking” signs at the entrace to the property.

The Creek beautification project, which the V.I. Port Authority has been working on since barge and cargo traffic moved to Enighed on April 21, 2006, has been put on hold thanks to a lack of funding.

“As of right now, the Creek enhancement project is temporarily on hold pending funding,” said VIPA spokesperson Marc Stridiron.

VIPA put out a request for qualifications in June 2006 for the beautification of its waterfront property, which stretches from the Creek to the U.S. Customs parking lot.

Two firms responded — deJongh and Associates, a local firm, and Burns and McDonnell, a national firm.

No Specific Use Mentioned
A firm was scheduled to be selected in June, according to VIPA Executive Director Darlan Brin.

Brin never discussed specific uses for the waterfront property, citing the need for public input.

“We’re going to have a plan with input from the public and VIPA,” Brin told the St. John Tradewinds in March. “We haven’t devised that plan as yet. We’ll probably come up with some schemes and ask for public input.”

“In the long run, we plan to make significant improvements,” Brin added.

Stridiron did not comment on whether the Creek is open to everyone wishing to tie up their boats and park their cars.