Best of Both Worlds Hosting Trunk Show Featuring Inlay and Marquetry Artist Verdant on March 7 and 8


“Breeze” Verdant created inlay and marquetry pieces from beautiful and rare woods.

The Best of Both Worlds Fine Art and Craft Gallery at Mongoose Junction is hosting a trunk show featuring the artwork of T. Breeze Verdant on Thursday, March 7, and Friday, March 8, from 4 to 7 p.m. 

Claiming “Geographical Addiction” as an ailment that forces Verdant to seek “the cure,” the artist returns yearly to revel in the healing environment of St. John.

An inlay artist who creates jewelry from exquisite woods, shells and metal, Verdant aims to display “maximum beauty with minimum consumption.”

He uses unusual woods which have already lived a previous life, such as ebony from piano keys that get intercepted on the way to the dump. In this lucky case, he has made some beautiful earrings and pendants from a stump of the gorgeous dalbergia genus species Tulipwood, which he was given during a previous visit to St. John. 

This rare wood is a true rosewood with its famous cousins being Brazilian Rosewood, Kingwood, Indian Rosewood and Blackwood to name a few. Bright scarlet streaks blend with cream-colored sapwood on these pieces which Verdant dowsed with alcohol and peroxide to create unusual and captivating effects.   

Verdant likes his work to take people places. Using mother of pearl for moons, paua abalone to represent oceans, certified recycled piano ivory for sailboats, and multiple inlaid precious metals for shooting stars and constellations, the little pieces transport the viewer to a convincing beautiful earthy vista.  

He has been pursuing this career full-time for 25 years, has won many awards, been featured in seven books and guitar catalogs (which he inlaid) and sells through galleries beyond coast to coast in the U.S.

Verdant’s work consists of everything from earrings to boxes, money clips, guitars and furniture, all exquisitely veneered and inlayed. He also conducts workshops on the art of Marquetry.

For more information contact Best of Both Worlds at (340) 693-7005 or by email at