BIR Reminds Taxpayers Extension of Deadline to File Income Tax Is Oct. 15

IRB Director Marvin Pickering (Source file photo)
BIR Director Marvin Pickering (Source file photo)

Taxpayers who applied for the automatic extension of time to file their 2017 income tax returns are reminded that the deadline to file the return is Monday, Oct. 15, said Marvin L. Pickering, director of the Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR),

When filing the tax returns, taxpayers are reminded to review the address and ensure that it is the taxpayer’s mailing address. They are also reminded to verify that they have signed their tax returns, and they include a daytime telephone number to allow BIR personnel to make contact if necessary.

Additionally, taxpayers who cannot afford to pay the tax due at this time are encouraged to file the tax return by the deadline to avoid the imposition of the failure to file penalty.

Taxpayers unable to pay the tax due in full are urged to proceed to set up a payment plan. This will allow them to seek alternate methods of payment with the BIR, according to Pickering. Taxpayers are urged to come in and meet with the representatives of the Delinquent Accounts and Returns Branch to set up payment plans.