Board to Count 2020 Primary Election Absentee Ballots

Elections System of the U.S. Virgin Islands

On Monday, Aug. 3, the Board of Elections began counting the 2020 Primary Election Absentee Ballots. In the St. Croix District, 107 absentee ballots were counted with an outstanding balance of 78. In the St. Thomas-St. John District, 200 absentee ballots were counted with an outstanding balance of 209.

The Board of Elections (St. Thomas-St. John District) will continue counting Absentee Ballots at 2 p.m., Friday, Aug. 7, at the St. Thomas Elections Office, Lockhart Gardens (Upstairs Banco Popular).

The media, candidates and public are invited to view the process. Due to COVID-19, the Elections System has placed the necessary health and safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of the board members, staff and candidates. The Board of Elections will be allowing no more than four individuals for 30 minutes to view the process on a rotating schedule.

Masks or facial covering must be worn correctly covering the nose and mouth; hands must be sanitized before entry; there will be temperature screening and 6ft. social distancing.

For information, contact the Elections offices at 773-1021 (St. Croix Elections Office) or 774-3107 (St. Thomas Elections Office).