Breast Cancer Art Therapy Wire Sculpture Classes at CMCArts Thursday

Crucian wire sculptor Waldemar Brodhurst will lead breast cancer survivors and all cancer survivors at the Breast Cancer Art Therapy Wire Sculpture Classes to be held at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts. The in-person and virtual classes are Thursday, March 31, and Saturday, Apr. 23, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Wire Sculptor Waldemar Brodhurst (Submitted photo)

The virtual Zoom classes will be filmed by videographer Kevin Moolenaar. All materials and supplies are free to cancer survivor participants. Friends and family are invited to join by registering on the breast cancer project website for a fee of $20 that will cover the cost of materials and supplies.

Pigeon Wire Sculpture (Photo Credit: Courtesy of CMCArts)

Brodhurst’s prolific sculptures are one-of-a-kind cultural gems ranging from aspects of womanhood to creatures in the environment to moko jumbies. At a moment’s notice or at the recognition of a theme or event, Brodhurst will create small to life-size sculptures to imitate life or the whimsy of his artistic mind. 

Trio of Roses Sculpture (Photo Credit: Courtesy of CMCArts)

Brodhurst works exclusively in found and recycled materials – cable, rope, barbed wire, glass, wood, screening, fabric, and other materials — and all are fair game for his extraordinary imagination and ability to turn trash into beauty. 

Zumbadora” Sculpture (Photo Credit: Courtesy of CMCArts)

According to his artist biography, all of Brodhurst’s subjects, human and animal, are infused with their own unique vitality and self-possession, but it is his female figures that we see a deeply held respect and admiration for the strength and vulnerability of women. These expressions are informed by the courage and suffering he witnessed in his mother.

Bride & Groom Wire Sculpture (Submitted photo)

Brodhurst has found the ability to channel and release his feelings into his sculptures. His work and life experiences are a testament to the transformative power of art, his biography states. 

Breast Cancer advocate Diane Hampton encourages those in the community, whether a survivor or a friend or family member of a survivor, to come out and participate in the restorative nature of breast cancer art therapy with Waldemar Brodhurt’s wire sculpture classes. 

Participants must register for the classes. For more information and to register please visit the website: Click on the three bar menu in the upper left to register.