Brion FitzGerald Named New VINP Superintendent


FitzGerald, second from right, should be on island in March to assume the position of VINP Superintendent.

National Park Service officials last week announced that Brion FitzGerald will take over as V.I. National Park Superintendent this year.

Former VINP Superintendent Mark Hardgrove retired in August 2012 and since then Deputy VINP Superintendent Mike Anderson has been Acting VINP Superintendent.

Anderson will continue in that position until FitzGerald officially takes over the post in March, at which point Anderson will continue as VINP Deputy Superintendent.

While NPS officials made the announcement internally, there was no official press release from NPS as of press time last week.

“The selection was made and was announced to staff,” said Anderson. “The NPS Regional public information officer will put out an announcement for the public, but I haven’t seen it yet. Being in the middle of the holidays, it may take a few more days before we hear something.”

Anderson will keep FitzGerald up to date on all VINP happenings until he arrives on island the first week of March.

“I will be Acting Superintendent until Brion arrives the first week of March,” said Anderson. “I will continue overseeing park operations while consulting with him. We’ll keep him posted on what’s going on in the park and so forth.”

FitzGerald is currently Deputy Superintendent and Chief Ranger at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania, where he has been employed for the last18 years, according to information from NPS.
FitzGerald could not be reached for comment last week.