Bryan Calls Emergency Legislative Meeting Over WAPA

Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. (Government House photo)
Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. (Government House photo)

With less than 24 hours notice, Friday afternoon Gov. Albert Bryan called the Legislature into an emergency meeting Saturday, Dec. 21, to discuss “matters related to the V.I. Water and Power Authority.”

Calls and emails to Government House were not returned immediately and the reason for the meeting was not detailed in the governor’s press release.

On Tuesday, WAPA petitioned the Public Service Commission for a very large increase to the fuel surcharge, saying without the 2.5 cent base rate hike the Public Services Commission denied on Dec. 12, WAPA will default on its debt to Vitol, cutting off propane and forcing it to revert to oil, which will jack up the cost of fuel by 20 cents per kilowatt-hour. Without either a fee to pay debt service to Vitol; an increase to the base rate or a jump in the LEAC, WAPA will be unable to buy sufficient fuel, forcing blackouts, according to WAPA officials and arithmetic.

The territory has a long history of ultimately costing ratepayers more as a result of trying to save them money and avoid unpopular decisions by starving WAPA in the short run.

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