Bryan Names More Transition Members

Governor-elect Albert Bryan has named individuals who will lead 10 transition assessment teams to provide the incoming administration with detailed analyses of the current state of the government.

According to a statement from Bryan, each assessment team includes members of the community who have interest and expertise in their assigned areas of focus.

“I am excited to announce the leaders of the Bryan-Roach Transition Assessment Teams,” Bryan wrote in the news release. With their assistance, our administration will be ready to tackle the challenges we anticipate on day one. Tregenza and I are looking to our transition assessment teams to conduct forensic studies on the present functions of government by interviewing department heads and reviewing operational procedures and relevant documents. Their assessment reports will provide our administration with immediate action items.”

Bryan discussed the plan to use assessment teams during a Nov. 28 news conference. At the event he announced Karl Knight and Dayna Clendenin will co-chair the transition.

Lt. Gov.-elect Tregenza Roach.  (File photo by Barry Leerman for the V.I. Legislature)
Lt. Gov.-elect Tregenza Roach. (File photo by Barry Leerman for the V.I. Legislature)

He also announced Roach will chair the Human Resources evaluation team, which he said has already begun reviewing resumes submitted to the transition’s website by persons seeking managerial positions in the new administration.

“Our goal with regard to human resources will have two prongs,” Roach said in the statement. “Of course, we wish to maintain the wealth of institutional knowledge in our departments and agencies, yet we also want to create opportunities for others who want to contribute to government service but who might, otherwise, have been left out.”

The assessment teams and their leaders are:
Education & Workforce Development: Shawna Richards
Justice and Public Safety: attorneys Kye Walker and Marise James
Financial Affairs and Taxation:Nathan Simmonds
Health and Human Services: Dr. Donna Christian Christensen
Economic Development: Ava Penn
Economic Regulation: Hubert Lorenzo Frederick
Government Personnel and Operations: Kevin Rodriquez
Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure: Susan Penn
Housing, Sports and Recreation: Claudia Charles
Hurricane Recovery: Anise Hodge

Eugenie Williams, Clemmie Moses and Tara Lewis McFarlane were named in the news release to co-chair the district inaugural committees. Williams will serve as the St. Croix District Chair, Moses as the St. John District Chair, and McFarlane as the St. Thomas District Chair. Yolanda Cabodevilla Bryan,
wife of Governor-elect Bryan, will serve as the honorary chair of the Inaugural Committee.

Those interested can find more information about the transition or submit a resume online by Dec. 19 at