Bryan Transition Names Assessment Team Members

Governor-elect Albert Bryan announced the members of the 10 transition assessment teams that will provide his incoming administration with detailed analyses of the current state of the government.

According to a statement from Bryan, each assessment team includes members of the community who have interest and expertise in their assigned areas of focus. Bryan discussed the plan to use assessment teams during a Nov. 28 news conference. At the same event he announced Karl Knight and Dayna Clendenin will co-chair the transition.

According to the news release, the assessment teams and their members are:

Economic Development
Adrien Austin (chair)
Abelle Bakr
Rick Carrington
Jason Charles
Jacquel Dawson
John deJongh III
Lisa Hamilton
Colin Hodge
Sana Joseph-Smith
John Lewis
Andrew Luscz
Kai Nielsen
Brad Nugent
Roy Rogers
Elizabeth Wattley
Anthony Weeks

Economic Regulation
Hubert Fredericks (co-chair)
Semaj Johnson (co-chair)
Sonia Boyce
Sheena Conway
Greg Ferguson
Paul Flemming
Sean Joseph
Malcolm McGregor
Ezwart Wynter, Jr.

Education and Workforce Development
Shawna Richards (chair)
Raquel Berry-Benjamin
Janet Brow
Sandra Brunette
Rick Grant
Rita Howard
Carmen Howell
Anastasie Jackson
Terrence D. Joseph
Noreen Michael
Gary Molloy
Lauretta Petersen
Yvonne Pilgrim
Jeanette Smith-Barry
Juanita Woods

Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure
Susan Penn (chair)
Dayle Barry
Warrington Chapman
Kyle Flemming
John Klein
Karole Ovesen-McGregor
LaVerne Ragster
Keith Richards
Larry Richards
Aminah Saleem
Phillip Smith
Victor Somme
Brian Walden
Raymond Williams

Financial Affairs and Taxation
Nathan Simmonds (chair)
Angus Drigo
Alex Golubitsky
Janice Hodge
Joel Lee
Loretta Lloyd
Charmaine Mayers
Daphne O’Neal

Government Personnel and Operations
Kevin Rodriguez (chair
Margarita Benjamin
Marc Biggs
Whitman Browne
Michael Carty
Herman Hart
Florine Hassell
Valdemar Hill
Stacie January
Reuben Molloy
Damicao Nicome
Barbara Petersen
V. Veda Richards
Everton Rush
Leona Smith
Madeline Stevens-Webster
Jonathan Tucker
Joanne Walters

Health and Human Services
Donna Christian (chair)
Denita Boschulte
Shana Brathwaite
Shaniece Charlemagne
Hadiyah Charles
Jeffrey Chase
Adaline Connor
Joseph DeJames
Taetia Dorsett-Phillips
Justa Encarnacion
Chris Finch
Donovan Ricketts
George Rosenberg
Royette Russell
Luis Sylvester
Carmine Williams

Housing, Sports, Parks, and Recreation
Claudia Charles (chair)
John Abramson, Jr.
Patrick Anthony
Elwyn Browne
Dodson James
Nataki Finch Richards
Jose “Tony” Rosario
Ophelia Williams-Jackson
Marlon Williams

Justice and Public Safety
Marise James (co-chair)
Kye Walker (co-chair)
Kenneth Alleyne
Dwayne Benjamin
Victor Browne
Davidson Charlemagne
Pamela Colon
Elvin Fahie
Darren Foy
Darryl George
Denise George Counts
Justin Harrigan
Arthur Hector
Renee McAlpin
Gleston McIntosh
Roy Moorehead
Joss Springette
Melanie Turnbull

Hurricane Recovery
Anise Hodge
Marion Prescod
Darryl Smalls