Bureau of Internal Revenue Releases $4.8 Million in Tax Refunds

The Bureau of Internal Revenue announced Tuesday that it was releasing 1,800 tax returns totaling more than $4.8 million, outstanding from the 2016 tax year.

In the news release announcing the payment, Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. highlighted the importance of issuing timely refund payments to tax-paying residents of the territory and thanked the members of the administration’s finance team for their work to process the refunds.

“I cannot understate the importance of issuing refunds to our taxpayers on time. Our administration takes this obligation seriously, as many Virgin Islanders who are due refunds anticipate these funds,” Bryan said.

The governor said restoring people’s confidence in the government is is a priority of his administration.

“We will continue working hard to address prior year refunds while ensuring the territory is in a financial position to pay out refunds on time,” he said. “I thank the staff of the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Department of Finance for their work to process these returns and refunds as quickly as is possible.”

The statement from Government House urged taxpayers who have not yet filed their 2018 returns to do so immediately. Those who filed a valid extension are reminded that they have until October 15 to submit their returns.