Buses Everywhere!


 With the addition of a Gifft Hill route providing a loop from Cruz Bay to the Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center, the new bright blue and yellow VITRAN buses have become a synchronized mass transit system spanning St. John with a round-trip schedule also running the length of the island between Cruz Bay and Salt Pond along the shoreline of Coral Harbor on Route 107.

While the new VITRAN buses continue to follow a one-way loop through Cruz Bay from the Loredon L. Boynes Ferry Dock by Wharfside Village and back to the First Bank corner on Kronprinsgaden, the narrow streets continue to present a logistical challenge.
Will officials ever switch back to the one way traffic from the dock to First Bank?

Could a real police officer be present to reverse the traffic and allow the buses to drive straight up from the ferry bock past Connections.

Or, maybe Roland could do it — outfitted with the appropriate uniform.

He looks very good in epaulets.