Caribbean Genealogy Library Offers Orientation Event on Nov. 3

Caribbean Genealogy Library on St. Thomas

The Caribbean Genealogy Library is offering a library orientation at 2 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 3. It will cover some of the resources available at the library and online for researching Virgin Islands and Caribbean history and genealogy. Learn about the books in the library’s collection. See what census and church records are available. Read a newspaper from St. Thomas printed in the 1800s.

In addition to the collections, digital material is growing in availability each year. This new exciting world of digitized records offers great opportunities for examining material such as old records and historic photos. Previously, this material was only available at archives and libraries in Denmark and the U.S. mainland. Learn about the websites that now make them available online. This event is free.

This event is perfect for library members to learn about what the Caribbean Genealogy Library has available in its collection and what is available online. It’s also the event for anyone that has considered volunteering at the library. It’s an orientation event for members and volunteers. Join the fun and enthusiastic team of history-lovers.

The Caribbean Genealogy Library on St. Thomas is a research library that focuses solely on history, culture and genealogy. The main focus is on the Caribbean. It is, however, a Family Search Library affiliate and has digital access to records for many other areas of the world.

It is located in Al Cohen’s at the top of Raphune Hill. Building 3. Paint Depot is on the bottom floor. The library is on the top floor, next to Mango Tango Art Gallery.