Caribbean Magazine Plus Announces Short Story, 2022 Contest Winners

Caribbean Magazine Plus — Short Story Contest (Submitted)

The top three Caribbean Magazine Plus, 2022 (CMP) Short Story contest winners have been selected.

Nicola Hunte, Ph.D., coordinator in Literatures in English at the University of the West Indies, led this year’s contest’s evaluation and did a spectacular job in narrowing down the top finishers.

The first-place winner is David Hamilton, Trinidad and Tobago, with his entry “Kyle.” Hamilton said, “Is this a hoax? If not, then thank you. I am so proud to have been considered.”

David Hamilton — CMP winner (Submitted photo)

Hamilton is an avid writer whose love of writing started with trying to recreate his favorite Hardy Boys novels in primary school and progressed to writing scripts for plays, penning passionate music blog posts and crafting the lyrics for his own Hip Hop song releases under the moniker ‘Da Face.’ He was also a finalist in the Island Voices short story competition and is currently working on his debut novel.

The second-place finisher is Mark Yarde, Barbados, with his entry “To Kill an Alsatian Hound.” Yard told Caribbean Magazine Plus that he is “honored” to have been selected as one of the top finishers. We are happy to have Yarde place, and we hope he continues his writing career.

Mark Yarde — CMP winner (Submitted photo)

Storytelling runs in Yarde’s veins. The 21-year-old writes as an exploration of self and environment. “To Kill an Alsatian Hound” marks his first venture into the short story form.

The third-place finisher is Victoria Wilchcombe, Freeport in The Bahamas, with her entry “Pearls and Granddads.” She told Caribbean Magazine Plus that she is just thankful that she was selected in any place.

Arawak Media and Caribbean Magazine Plus are happy to have all of them place in this year’s Short Story Competition. Their entries will be posted on the Caribbean Magazine Plus news site for the world to read.

Victoria Wilchcombe — CMP winner (Submitted photo)

Also, this year’s top entries will be entered into Arawak Media’s “The Storm Ends,” compilation of short stories, its second compilation following Caribbean Magazine Plus 2021 Short Story Contest, which is still available on Amazon.

The award ceremony will be held at 10:30 a.m., April 29, on the Caribbean Magazine Plus Facebook page.

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