Caribbean Nations Join Global Action for Climate Solutions Through ‘Caribbean Climate Network’

Graphic showing possible effects of climate change in the Caribbean. (Photo courtesy of the National Climate Assessment Website (US Caribbean Chapter)

The Caribbean Climate Network has been supporting the organization of events along with other climate-related initiatives over the past years. During October, community members have been gathering in various Caribbean nations as part of “Power Up, a Global Day of Action” calling for a renewable energy revolution. As fossil fuel companies publish another round of billion-dollar profits, people across the globe took to the streets to spotlight the industry’s greed and reclaim the money and power to fund a just future powered by the sun and the wind.

The leading team of Haiti Climate Network held an activity in Port-Au-Prince where 60 young people received training over a two-day period on solar light installations. Together, they installed solar streetlights in an area that was previously dark and unsafe to traverse at night. Haiti Climate Network is ensuring safer communities through access to sustainable electricity.

In San Fernando, the Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network held an art and writing exhibition around the theme of “Perspectives of Trinidad and Tobago on the Just Transition.” This exhibition of pieces by the people of Trinidad and Tobago aimed to explore the diverse viewpoints and creative expressions of artists and writers in relation to the urgent issue of climate change and the concept of a just transition. An anthology will be published featuring the artwork and writings.

In Guyana, participants engaged in a panel discussion and exhibition organized by Climate Network Guyana. Speakers shared insights on Guyana’s green shift, highlighting renewable energy challenges, opportunities, and what a just transition looks like for Guyanese citizens. Innovative projects and initiatives of organizations leading the charge for renewable energy were on display for attendees to explore.

Jamaican community leaders are powering up renewable energy for schools. Plakortis and Guardians of the Green launched a mural and environmental awareness corner at two primary schools where they continue to engage students and teachers on the importance of switching from fossil fuels, and call for community leaders to invest in renewable energy solutions for schools and other public buildings.

Additional actions have been planned in the Dominican Republic, Grenada and Puerto Rico, where people joined together to call for just and safe renewable energy for all.

The Caribbean Climate Network has been supporting the organization of these events along with other climate-related initiatives over the past years. Power Up is an initiative led by 350 organizations and partners all around the world. The Caribbean Climate Network is joining forces with local movements, groups and communities to spotlight people power and renewable solutions as tools of resistance in the fight against the climate-wrecking fossil fuel industry.