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Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett

Op-Ed: Sharks in the Water: The Need for Improved Geo-Diplomacy and Trade Policy in...

Congresswoman Plaskett introduced the Caribbean Trade Resolution (H.Res.1047) in the House of Representatives earlier this month. It will, if passed, be an important first step toward prioritizing trade and advancing real economic integration with the Caribbean.

Op-Ed: The Importance of Advocating for the Quality Education of Our Children

Jeanette Smith-Barry writes: “Each of us must examine the role we can play in advocating for improved quality of education.”

Op-Ed: The Emergent State of Our Territory’s Schools

STT-STJ AFT President Leontyne Jones raises questions about the state of Virgin Islands schools and urges legislators to immediately plan the repair and rebuilding of them.

Opinion: The Emergent State of Our Territory’s Schools

The 34th Legislature’s Committee on Education and Workforce Development plans to hold an emergency hearing (after Carnival) on May 2 to discuss the infrastructure of our public schools. We should always regard the betterment of our children’s education as an emergency.
St. Thomas GERS building (Source photo by Don Buchanan)

Commentary: The GERS Bond Boondoggle

Keeping the Government Employees' Retirement System from imminent bankruptcy was essential. But was the bond boondoggle contrived by the Bryan administration the only way to “Save GERS”? Absolutely not.

Op-Ed: The Power of Assertive Communication

Sandra C. Bradley says there is a power that women possess that is too often overlooked.

Op-Ed: The Virgin Islands Must Plan for the 6th Constitutional Convention

In preparation for a sixth constitutional convention, Verdel L. Petersen’s role is to educate the public on three major topics: constitutional development, political status and self-determination. They are intertwined, but in this letter, she focuses on constitutional development.

Commentary: “Sip and Smoke” Event under Fire on Social Media

Expat Beverly Lockett lit a match on "Virgin Islands Politics (V.I.P.)," a public Facebook group with just over 1.4 thousand members, commenting disbelief that the Virgin Islands Department of Tourism would sponsor a "private business."

Commentary: A Case of Opaque Transparency

The Virgin Islands should be thankful that we have, under the leadership of Gov. Albert Bryan Jr., a government that is committed to transparency as one of its core values. But before too much thanks is given, it might be prudent to see whether the promise of transparency has actually been delivered. As the old proverb says, “Promises are like babies, easy to make, but difficult to deliver.”

Op Ed: HIV, Guns, Breaking Stigmas

If humans still exist 200 years from now and unearth records of our deeds, how proud are we going to be of what we’ve done? I think about that every time I take the trash out, every time I open a plastic water bottle, every time I gas up my car, every time I slather on sunscreen I know is toxic to the coral at the heart of the global food chain.