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Agriculture Warns of Increased Threat of Disease to Livestock During Wet Weather

Wet and muddy pens and pastures put animals at risk for many health problems. Commissioner Nelson recommends that all farmers fix leaky roofs and improve drainage in and around animal pens.

Sign Up Now for Conservation Programs to Benefit Soil, Water, Plants and Animals

USDA--NRCS offers voluntary conservation programs to help Caribbean area farmers and landowners secure cleaner water and air, healthier soil and enhanced wildlife habitat while maintaining a vibrant agricultural business.

Progress Continues on Territory-Wide Agricultural Plan Task Force

Importation of food not only leaves the territory susceptible to shortages, but it impacts freshness and nutritional value and increases transportation costs and pollution.

Commentary: Legislators, Be an Example and Protect St. Croix’s Prime Farmland

I was informed that there are discussions among some legislators who are thinking about exchanging prime government agricultural farmlands with other lands to allow a development to move forward. Act 6836 forbids the use of prime government agricultural lands for non-agricultural uses.

UVI School of Agriculture to Observe World Food Day on October 17

This event is open to the public. Join the second virtual experience of this event and will include a formal opening ceremony, workshops, demonstrations, entertainment and free vegetable seedlings.

Bryan Signs Collective Bargaining Agreement for Department of Agriculture Employees

"The increased salaries for these and other positions will greatly assist the agency in meeting its staffing goals and improving the quality of life for the affected employees.”

Agricultural Plan Task Force to Seek Public Feedback at Hybrid Town Hall

The goal of the 2021 Territorial Agricultural Plan is to increase agricultural productivity in an effort to make food security and sovereignty not just labels and catch phrases but a true reflection of the reality of the lives of people.

USDA Announces First Sign-up Period for FY2022 Conservation Program Funds

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program is a voluntary conservation program that provides financial and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers to help install and implement conservation practices on eligible agricultural land.

UVI Offers Farming Community One-Day Training on Structural Pesticide Safety Sept. 24

The training will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday, Sept. 24, Friday. They will be free and will take place on both campuses.

USDA to Invest $50 Million in New Cooperative Agreements for Racial Justice and Equity

The Racial Justice and Equity Conservation Cooperative Agreements are available to entities and individuals for two-year projects that expand the delivery of conservation assistance to beginning, limited resource, socially disadvantaged and veteran farmers.