“CBCC Forums” Series To Start Jan. 12

The Coral Bay Community Council will have a series of “CBCC Forums” every Monday at 6 p.m. at the Johns Folly Learning Institute in Coral Bay beginning January 12.  Everyone is welcome to attend and participate. Each meeting will be different, depending on the speakers and topics.

Leaders in the new V.I. Government Administration and Legislature will be invited to speak to the community and to listen to our concerns. CBCC staff will present our work on various grant-funded projects and get community input. Environmental researchers will give reports on their studies. People will be asked to volunteer for various community projects, such as repairing and painting the Agriculture Center community room and shoreline cleanups, gardening and more.

The first meeting on Monday, January 12 will include the following topics: CBCC’s draft project/mission agenda for 2015 – and community input.
Highlights of two CBCC current grant-funded projects:
• Coral Bay Solid Waste Management Plan, including recycling, composting and moving the main waste bin location to have a full recycling convenience center

• Update on NOAA-funded Project to remove derelict/wrecked vessels from Coral Harbor     

CBCC welcomes residents’ ideas for future topics and speakers. 

CBCC is planning to schedule a forum for every week through March and publish a schedule of topics, usually more than one per meeting.

The Johns Folly Learning Center is a great meeting location with excellent parking. It is currently used for services by the Mt. Carmel Catholic Church on Sundays and can be identified by their sign out front on the left, as you drive on Route 107 toward Salt Pond.

For more information, call the CBCC Office at 776-2099.  More information on the Coral Bay Community Council is available on the web at www.coralbaycommunitycouncil.org and on our Facebook page.