Centerline Road Gets Center Line


Crews worked hard last week to stripe Centerline Road.

Despite a $1 million setback from an early January fire at its three-story Sub Base facility, Department of Public Works saw Centerline Road get center stripes last week.

DPW officials had planned to do half of the striping itself and contract out the other half, according to the Darryl Smalls, DPW Commissioner.

The fire, however, destroyed DPW’s striping equipment — as well two St. John vehicles at the facility for repair among other damage — prompting the department to switch gears, explained Smalls.

“We had procured the materials and had planned to utilize the contractor to augment what we had planned to do,” said Smalls. “As a result of the fire, we had to change plans and the contractor had to take on more responsibility.”




The striping extends all the way from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay.

The contractor, whose name was not immediately available last week between Governor John deJongh Inaugural festivities, Crucian Christmas Festival and Three King’s Day, started striping Centerline Road from Coral Bay on Monday, January 3, and got as far as the Coral Bay overlook.

Work continued on Tuesday and the crew wrapped up work just the Cruz Bay side of Reef Bay.

By Wednesday evening, the center striping on Centerline Road stretched to just outside of Cruz Bay in Estate Grunwald.

By Thursday afternoon, the double yellow line stretched all the way into Cruz Bay.