Chelsea Drug Store Reluctantly Relocates To Second Floor Location in Marketplace

Chelsea Drug Store will relocate to the second floor of The Marketplace to make room for the expansion of Starfish Market.

Things are changing at The Marketplace, and the owners of one store involved in the shift are not happy about it.

Chelsea Drug Store, currently located on the first floor of The Marketplace across from Starfish Market and adjacent to Book and Bean will move up to the second floor near Catered To…Vacation Homes.

Starfish Market will take over Chelsea’s current location.

The switch is expected to take place some time in September, according to Chelsea Drug Store owner Heidi Coyle, who plans to close the store for no more than two days during the move.

“We’ll hopefully only be closed for a day or two,” she said. “We’re planning on having to close for only one day.”

Bigger Drug Store Space
Although Chelsea’s new space is bigger than the store’s current location, Coyle is not happy about moving to the second floor.

“It’s much bigger, but it’s not a good location,” she said.

Coyle alleges that Chelsea is being forced to move by The Marketplace.

“We are being forced to move by The Marketplace,” she said. “They told us they wouldn’t renew our lease if we didn’t move. We are moving under duress.”

David Mugar’s account of The Marketplace shift differs. Mugar owns Starfish Market and an interest The Marketplace.

“Chelsea Drugstore, a mainstay and long term tenant at The Marketplace, is expanding and relocating to the second floor near Catered To,” Mugar announced in the July 2006 Marketplace tenants newsletter.

“Great Window Visibility”
“Owners Tim and Heidi Coyle will continue to offer their high level of service with an even greater merchandise selection. Chelsea Drug’s new larger location is certain to attract more customers and provide great window visibility for Chelsea’s products,” the newsletter reported.

Mugar detailed some of his plans for Chelsea’s current location.

“I have decided to pursue a new retailing project, with the introduction of a wine and cheese gourmet store across from Starfish Market,” said Mugar.

“Cooking and experimenting with unique foods has been a long time hobby of mine, and I think this store will be a nice addition to The Marketplace. There are many details to be worked out, including a store name, but I am looking forward to working through these details.”

Starfish Wines, Spirits
Most of the wines and spirits that Starfish currently carries will be relocated to the new space, giving Starfish more room to provide traditional grocery items, according to Mugar’s letter.

“‘Foodies’ will enjoy the expanded cheese selections and unique gourmet merchandise of the new store,” Mugar said in the newsletter.

Marketplace representatives acknowledged the shift will happen, but did not comment on specifics of the move.