Commendation for Erection of Barricades, But Fish Bay Road Still Threatens Drivers


Danger Lurks Below! There are still plenty of warning signs, but no sign of any repairs to the treacherous section of heavily-traveled road.

ST. THOMAS — After a flurry of agrandizing government intervention in June, the six-inch thick concrete roadbed precariously spanning the chasm above Rendezvous Bay apparently will face a sixth rainy season of runoff worsening the menace to drivers to and from the south shore residential area.

Senator Justin Harrigan, Sr. thanked Commissioner Designee of the Department of Public Works Gustav James for his help with the closure of the damaged portion of Fish Bay Road,

St. John during the hearing for the Committee on Housing, Public Works, and Waste Management in early July.

Residents would like to thank DPW Commissioner-designee James for his help with the repair of the extremely treacherous section of dead-end road is the only access to south shore neighborhoods of Rendezvous Bay and Fish Bay.

When and if it happens.

DPW emergency measures including signage have sought to address residents’ concerns about the potential for a traffic accident on the busy residential road where it is reduced to one lane to keep traffic off the undermined outer section.

Wistful Wishing for Repairs
Residents of the island’s south shore neighborhoods still are hoping wistfully for the announcement of an emergency repair project to stop the entire outside lane of the concrete road bed from falling on the infamous “Orange Ball” house overlooking other luxury vacation rental homes on the hillside above Rendezvous Bay and Ditleff Point.

The erosion has steadily undermined the two-lane roadbed during heavy rains since the house was built and the size of the undermined area has steadily increased to several car lengths.

“Thank you for making it easier for me by keeping your word.” Sen. Harrigan said to James.  “You are a man of honor and I enjoyed working with you.”

Sen. Harrigan along with his staff and St. John administrator Camille Parris had traveled to the site on June 9 to survey the damaged road after receiving calls from residents expressing their concerns over the road condition.

After assessing the damaged roads, Sen. Harrigan requested that Commissioner-designee James have barriers put in place to prevent further damage to the weaker portion of the road and the preventative measures were quickly put in place.

“Please help.”

“Visitors and islanders alike are now driving their vehicles over the bad piece of road, it is only a matter of time before the road breaks,” a resident wrote St. John Tradewinds in June, before Sen. Harrigan’s visit.

“The other problem has been that cars coming toward town barrel around the blind corner and side swipe the cars going out towards Ditleff/Rendezvous and Fish Bay,” the writer continued. “When there is a really bad accident will something finally be done?”

“We have been living with this road condition for five years!!,” The resident wrote.  “Please help.”

Aside from thanking the commissioner for his help, Sen. Harrigan also said in a press release that he inquired into the slated purpose of the money allocated for the ferry boat funds as well as possible solutions in regards to the issue of crypts blocking the entrance to other crypts in our cemeteries.