Commending Harley’s Excellent Job as Administrator

Dear Editor,

I understand that Julien Harley will not be continuing as St. John Administrator under the new governor. I want to commend the excellent job he did as our administrator.

Providing leadership, spending thousands of hours in meetings, taking, sometimes, unpopular positions — these tasks can not be easy. Yet he always conducted himself with integrity and patience. I didn’t agree with him on everything, but I admire his intelligence and the quality of his work.

Best of luck to Leona Smith, the newly-appointed administrator. She certainly has an excellent background in public administration and community leadership. I hope we St. John residents do not drive her crazy and that she uses her power wisely.

As I remember, Julien said he didn’t read the Tradewinds, so I hope that someone who does will convey my best wishes.

Catherine Ellis