Congresswoman Plaskett Releases Statement Celebrating Inauguration of Biden and Harris

V.I. Delegate-to-Congress Stacey E. Plaskett and husband Jonathan Buckney-Small at the Biden/Harris inauguration (Submitted photo)

Congresswoman Stacey E. Plaskett released the following statement in honor of newly inaugurated President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris:

“Today, I am overjoyed that we are celebrating the inauguration of our new president and vice president. The road that led to this place has been long and arduous, particularly in the last few weeks. Despite the visible threats and danger to the very fabric of our democracy, justice prevailed, and we are finally on the cusp of what I hope will be great change. My soul is encouraged by the will and voice of the people that so clearly placed President Biden and Vice President Harris in the positions that they solemnly hold now.

“Setting an historic precedent, President Biden will be signing [or signed] more than a dozen executive orders during his first official hours as president. These actions immediately address the most pressing concerns we currently face as a nation: the coronavirus pandemic, the economic crisis, climate change and the pervasive issues surrounding racial equity, including immigration. The orders signed by the president address each of the crises directly and aggressively. These actions fall under the constitutional purview of our commander in chief and need to be supplemented by congressional action, and I look forward to working along with my colleagues to provide consistent support for the Biden administration as they move our country forward.

“As we take this time to celebrate the incredible diversity of our country, reflect and honor our history, it is my prayer that both our president and vice president will be strengthened for the path that lies ahead, leading our nation into a time of great recovery, equity, opportunity and justice for all.”