Consumer Justice Group to Hold Virtual Meeting on WAPA LEAC Increase


The Virgin Islands Alliance for Consumer Justice will host a virtual meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 22 on its Facebook page to discuss the recent decision by the Public Services Commission to grant the V.I. Water and Power Authority a LEAC rate increase.

The LEAC, or Levelized Energy Adjustment Clause, allows the V.I. Water and Power Authority to recover costs associated with its fuel consumption and related expenses. At its meeting on June 21, the PSC approved a 2.1 cent increase in the LEAC, to 17.215 cents.

Thursday’s meeting also will discuss the alliance’s recent action to get the PSC to reconsider its decision and to give members of the community a hearing or commenting period to express their concerns and opinions, according to a press release the group issued on Wednesday.

On Monday, July 19 the Virgin Islands Alliance for Consumer Justice sent a letter, written by various members of the community, to the PSC requesting that it reconsider its decision to grant WAPA the LEAC rate increase that became effective on July 1. Letter filed with PSC on July 19, 2021

“Virgin Islanders pay the highest electrical rate in the United States and Caribbean region (a rate of 43 cents) for the worst service. WAPA’s high electric rates and frequent service interruptions negatively impact the territory’s residents, especially small businesses, the elderly living on fixed income and those with health issues,” the alliance said in its press release. “We encourage members of the community to attend and engage so that we may learn how we can get our needs and demands met.”

Thursday’s meeting will be hosted via the V.I. Alliance for Consumer Justice’s Facebook page starting at 6:30 p.m.