Coral Bay Community Council Needs Your Input

COMPUTER LEARNING NEEDS SURVEY – The Coral Bay Community Council (CBCC) is circulating a survey questionnaire about community needs for computer & internet access and training, as background for a possible future Computer Learning Center at the revitalized Guy Benjamin Community Center (GBCC), being managed by the Department of Education and Partnerships in Hope, a nonprofit organization,, in the former Guy H. Benjamin Elementary School in Coral Bay, St. John.  The campus has 7 buildings and thus many potential opportunities for hosting enrichment and learning programs for the people of S. John – young and old.

“Using the internet and computers are basic life skills today. How can we assure that everyone has access to learn and develop these skills? One way is have a Computer Learning Center available in Coral Bay—open to everyone living here: Students, young adults, mid-career adults and retirees. We need to know what people want –and how many people need this, before it is sensible to proceed. That’s why we are doing the survey now,” said Sharon Coldren, volunteer president of the Coral Bay Community Council.

The organizers need to find out who would actually like to use a computer learning facility – and for what purposes, so that the dollar investment in bringing in the internet and computers will be worthwhile. The survey will address these questions: Is there a need for a computer study place afterschool for students? Is there a need for GED courses and other computer-based vocational and job skills courses? Is there a need for computer literacy courses or office applications courses? How many people would take these courses? Should the courses be free to users?

Paper questionnaires have been distributed in the community at Labor Day and other events and are also available for anyone at Connections East and Keep Me Posted, or the CBCC office across the street from the Firestation. The completed survey can be turned in at any of these places.

The deadline has been extended to SEPTEMBER 30th to maximize the number of people who participate – and include students who need an internet connected afterschool study place.

Here is a link to a paper questionnaire copy to be printed and share:!As42ks1NqXifgZI_3OMtnmlFEWRyuw

Here is the online version which people are welcome to take – if you think you would like to take classes and use the computer center – or your children would for studying. . Parents can complete for their children. Note that this is NOT an anonymous survey – it is more like a pre-application form.

For more information, please contact Sharon Coldren at CBCC at