Coral Bay Community Council’s New Logo Shares Love for the Land



Thanks to a collaborative effort by volunteer Burnell Shively, St. John graphic artist Kate Norfleet and board members, Coral Bay Community Council has a new, and its first, logo.

In lieu of its own identifying logo, CBCC officials just used the group’s name on its letterhead. Now, with a vibrant graphic in lush green and bright blue colors, CBCC’s logo depicts the recognizable shape of Coral Bay harbor surrounded by a heart.

“We didn’t have a logo before,” said CBCC President Sharon Coldren. “We just hadn’t invested the time and the effort to develop one. We got along with a letterhead and used ‘CBCC’ when we needed to.”

New part-time resident Shively decided that wasn’t quite enough, Coldren explained.

“Brunell, a new seasonal resident who is a graphic artist, volunteered to work on this for us with Kate [Norfleet],” Coldren said. “Kate has always been willing to help us, but she’s so busy and has limited time. With Brunell willing to put in the time needed for this and working with the CBCC board and Kate, it just all came together.”

The idea for the logo was inspired by CBCC’s “universal message,” Coldren added.

“We were looking for one universal message or feeling in Coral Bay,” she said. “We were thinking about why the CBCC exists and what it is that pulls us all together to serve the community and address community needs.”

“The answer is because we all love Coral Bay and its natural environment,” said Coldren. “The logo shows our love for the views and the beauty of the land and how we live very interconnected with nature. We live outdoors and we are part of nature.”

The new logo is expected to help brand CBCC as it moves ahead with its first major fundraising campaign this year, Coldren explained.

“We wanted to be able to communicate that common element that we share here for people who live here and people who visit here,” said the CBCC president. “We are in need of fundraising and we’re trying to reach people who might not readily be familiar with us. The logo we hope will be an image to which people can relate.”

“We hope that if you love Coral Bay, and there are a lot of repeat tourists as well as our residents who do, you’ll join our group and support us,” Coldren said.

CBCC officials want to hear what the community thinks of the group’s new logo. Share opinions at or call (340) 776-2099. For more information on CBCC check out the group’s website at