Coral Bay Computers Saves Clients Time, Money, Off-island Repairs

Jack and Doug outside the computer shop in Cocoloba.

Coral Bay Computers and Electronics is making life a little easier for those on remote St. John with its newly expanded quick-fix repair and retail shop.

“We have fixed almost everything, from rice cookers and rat zappers to TVs – it is truly amazing what we have fixed in this store,” said owner Doug Weaver. “I could not do this without my partner, Jack. He can basically fix anything.”

Beginning as an offshoot of Donkey Diner’s internet café in December 2008, Coral Bay Computers and Electronics offered minor electronic repairs during days the restaurant was closed.

“Initially, what we were doing was mainly computer hardware repair – fixing peoples TVs, computers, VCRs, basically anything with a cord in it,” Weaver said.

Just one year later Weaver has expanded his business and services, relocating this past December to the Cocoloba Shopping Center across the courtyard from Lily’s Gourmet Market.

In addition repairing virtually any electronic device – from computers and cell phones to power tools and sewing machines – Coral Bay Computers and Electronics also sets up Wi-Fi networks, recovers hard drive information and photos, refills ink cartridges and provides DVD and CD copying. The shop also keeps an extensive line of new and used electronic retail in stock including notebook computers, printers, hard drives, cell phones and accessories, memory sticks, web cams, speakers, iPod cables, printer cartridges and batteries.

“We are the only shop in Coral Bay that offers this,” Weaver said. “There are a couple of repair shops in Cruz Bay with limited retail, but we are trying to set up a shop where people on St. John can get things the same day without having to travel to St. Thomas”

Coral Bay Computers and Electrics is able to provide same-day service through its eco-friendly business practices — accepting old computers, electronics, cell phones and ink cartridges, then disassembling them to salvage usable parts.

“We are doing as much as we can to recycle electronic waste, and as far as I know, we are the only computer shop on St. John that accepts old computers,” Weaver said. “We can have them (electronics) up and running the same day with the used parts we have in stock, or we can order a part new for them stateside and they can wait for it to come in.”

Not only does Weaver save his customers time and a trip to St. Thomas by accepting eWaste, but he offers repairs at a cheaper price tag than most places — a $55 hourly rate that includes diagnostics.

“We feel that our pricing is very competitive for diagnostics and repair,” Weaver said. “And it is because we try to save people money by using parts that we already have on hand.”

Weaver plans to continue expanding the array of services and retail items on offer – a goal which shouldn’t be difficult to attain considering the niche he is filling on the island.
“We stay pretty busy right now,” he said. “People are bringing their computers in to get fixed and lots of people are coming in to get cables and cords and odds and ins.”
Coral Bay Computer and Electronics is open from noon until 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and by appointment by calling  244-5393 or emailing