Coral Bay Restaurateurs Are Taking Over Former Crab Hole in Cruz Bay


Coral Bay’s John Costanzo, right, is a true “sidewalk superintendent” in downtown Cruz Bay as he checks on the progress of his son Ryan Costanzo and business partner Tommy Garfield as they prepare to open their first restaurant venture in the former Fatty Crab restaurant in next to the Julius E. Sprauve School Annex at the top of the downtown Cruz Bay restaurant district.


CRUZ BAY — One of the first things to go was the billboard-sized painting on the outside wall that was the landmark of the former flash-in-the-pan restaurant tenant of the commercial space across from the Julius E. Sprauve School.

The new restaurateurs taking over the venue didn’t wait to decide on a name for their new establishment before launching a major renovation of one of the island’s first modern commercial properties with the assistance of a cadre of Coral Bay co-conspirators.

Two popular young island hospitality industry veterans, chef Tommy Garfield and Ryan Costanzo — Coral Bay native son of St. John denizen firefighter John Costanzo, are stepping up to the opportunity to open their own place.

As they work at an endless series of pre-opening refurbishments, Garfield and Costanzo are surrounded by a relentless crew of island friends rolling up their sleeves to pitch in to clean, redesign and repaint the open restaurant with dining on a verdant sidewalk veranda overlooking the Winston Wells Ball Field. 

While the eventual menu for the new restaurant will “evolve… closer to season,” according to Garfield, it will include “lot’s of homemade stuff… almost a rotating menu.”

The menu will also include “local fresh stuff” and “homemade breads, pastas and charcuterie,” Garfield added.