Cruz Bay Taxi Stand Project on Hold Pending Taxi Commission Formation

Taxis continue to to use waterfront parking. St. John Tradewinds News Photo by Eliza Magro

The move to get taxis out of the center of town to clear up congestion at the ferry dock has been put on hold until a new Taxi Commission board is formed.
The parking lot near Nature’s Nook has already been paved as a staging area for taxis, which would wait at that location until being dispatched to pick up customers at the ferry dock.

The project was put on hold in the wake of legislation separating the Taxi Commission from the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs, explained St. John Administrator Leona Smith.

“I realize they just passed legislation to separate the Taxi Commission from the DLCA, and the governor is in the process of finding members to sit on the Taxi Commission board,” said Smith. “We’ll wait until that’s all completed and then meet with the board to let them know the direction the administration is going.”
Dispatchers also need to be hired, and Smith needs to investigate how much money is available for those positions, she explained.

“I know monies have been allotted from the Legislature for two taxi dispatchers on St. John,” she said. “Some of it was spent according to Licensing officials. I’m not too sure how much was spent, but I know we still have monies there to fill those positions.”

The taxi stand project was introduced under the previous administration, but the move to get taxis away from the ferry dock to alleviate congestion has been stalled several times.