CZM Committee Decision Helps Developer Ease Financing for East End Development

The St. John Coastal Zone Management Committee’s Thursday afternoon, January 10, decision to allow the transfer of Robert and Karye Carney’s major CZM permit to Mark W. Davies and East End Limited will help the developers obtain financing in their effort to finish paving the roads at their East End subdivision.

The CZM Committee approved the request in a meeting at the St. John Legislature which lasted less than 10 minutes.

“There are multiple parcels with multiple owners, and they gave me power of attorney to apply for the permit,” said Bob Carney. “I went for refinancing, and the bank said the application should be in the owners’ names. We need the money for concrete, and we would have been done paving in December if we didn’t have these problems with the bank.”

The major CZM permit allows for the subdivision of approximately 75 acres in Estate Hansen Bay into 31 lots ranging in size from one to eight acres. The subdivision will be serviced by one central roadway with three spurs. The roadway will primarily be 12 feet wide with several 18 foot sections and 13 staggered pull offs to allow for two-way traffic.

Once subdivided, the lots will be sold for the construction of private homes. Owners will not be allowed to further subdivide their lots.

CZM staff recommended the St. John CZM Committee allow the transfer of the major CZM permit, and the Committee moved to accept the recommendation. A statement proving the transfer had been completed was scheduled to be prepared by Friday, January 11, for the Carneys to take to the bank to obtain the refinancing funds.