CZM Public Hearing on 3-Story Apartment Building Set for September 20

To the people of Coral Bay and St. John:

Aside from limited advertising in the Daily News, there is no current DPNR process to publicize Major CZM Public Hearings on St. John. Therefore, it falls to voluntary organizations and media stories to let St. John know about when hearings will occur and what they will be about.

A St. John CZM Committee public hearing will be held on Wednesday, September 20, at 6 p.m. at the Legislature for the purpose of reviewing the application for a three-story apartment building (eight one-bedroom units, and three two-bedroom units) on parcel 10-11-A Estate Carolina,  one-third of an acre.  This is the third lot up Route 108 from the junction with 107 in Coral Bay, on the downhill side.  This land was part of .6 acre spot-rezoned to R-3 in 2000.

The Coral Bay Community Council has a copy of the application in its office for review by the public.  Please call in advance: 776-2099.

The public hearing is the opportunity for citizens to learn about proposed developments and make their comments and recommendations and express their concerns about aspects of development in the Coastal Zone.  We encourage the people of St. John to participate in these public hearings.

For the Coral Bay Community Council,
Sharon Coldren, President