Damian Marley May Be Coming for 2007 Music Mix


Damien Marley

The St. John Carnival Committee is working hard to bring the Music Mix back to this year’s carnival with a bang.

The commitee is trying to get popular Jamaican reggae artist and son of reggae legend Bob Marley, Damian Marley, to perform at 2007’s Music Mix.

“We’re still in negotiation right now,” said Carnival Committee member Cindy Jurgen. “I’m actually waiting for the promoter to get back to me. The days we have open, he is not available — that’s the big issue.”

The Carnival Committee may have to compromise on the date in order for Marley to perform.

“If we do have him, it may be at a later date like July 3, and it may be a late night function,” said Jurgen.
Music Mix generally features performers from different genres, explained Jurgen.

Combo of Genres
“It could be soca, reggae, or a combination of all the music,” she said. “That’s why we call it ‘Music Mix’ — it’s different performers with different kinds of music.”

Jurgen’s most recent hold-up in booking Marley to perform was St. Thomas Carnival.

Marley’s promoter also works for Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul, who performed on St. Thomas on Wednesday night, April 25.

“We’re going to have to wait until Carnival is over on St. Thomas,” said Jurgen. “The promoter’s main focus right now is the Sean Paul show.”