DCLA Releases Latest Territory-wide Gas Price Survey

E&C has the cheapest gas on St. John.

During the course of this latest survey, completed October 31, gas stations in the territory purchased fuel at per gallon rates of $2.04 for regular; $2.24 for premium; and $2.41 for diesel. An additional rack rate reduction was expected last week.

Following are the results of the latest territory wide fuel price survey conducted by DLCA’S Consumer Protections Division.
St. John

On St. John E&C gasoline beat out Domino by offering the best bargain for regular and premium gasoline, however, despite a 75 cent reduction in the cost of diesel fuel, no reduction was made in that fuel category.

Gas Stations  Premium  Regular    Diesel
E&C                3.649         3.389         4.529
Domino Oil      3.709         3.579         3.829