De jongh Briefed on Arrest of St. John Police Sergeant


Governor John P. de Jongh, Jr. said over the weekend that the Virgin Islands Government will continue to lend its full cooperation to the territory’s federal law enforcement partners in an ongoing drug investigation. To date, four persons have been taken into custody including two V.I. law enforcement officers.

On Friday night, Police Commissioner Rodney F. Querrard, Sr. informed the Governor of the arrest of V.I. Police Sergeant Angelo Hill. Hill’s arrest is the latest in an ongoing drug investigation which was revealed a week ago with the arrest of another V.I. law enforcement officer and the subsequent arrest of two citizens. Hill was placed on leave without pay until the charges against him are resolved. His most recent assignment was that of Acting Commander of the Leander Jurgen command on St. John.

Querrard reminded the public that all persons are presumed innocent under our justice system until proven guilty. “It is always a sad day when anyone in law enforcement is either suspected of or charged with violating the laws they are sworn to uphold,” he said. The police commissioner sought out to assure the public that the VIPD will continue to enforce its long-standing policy of zero tolerance for any violations of law by those
in our law enforcement divisions.

De Jongh expressed confidence in Commissioner Querrard and the VIPD leadership team’s ability to quickly identify a new commander for the police station on St. John. “The important work of protecting residents and visitors to that island must continue without any significant interruption.”