deJongh Signs and Sends Coral Bay Mega-Yacht Marina Permit to Senate

Virgin Islands Gov. John P. deJongh Jr. has signed the Coastal Zone Management (CZM) permit for the development of the Summer’s End Group’s “mega-yacht” marina in Coral Bay Harbor and has asked the V.I. Legislature for “prompt and favorable consideration” of the controversial plan to build a 145-slip marina in the isolated boating community.

Government House spokesperson Jean P. Greaux, Jr. confirmed the CZM permit had been signed Gov. deJongh and forwarded of an undated letter from Gov. deJongh to the V.I. Senate in an e-mail transmission to St. John Tradewinds at 6:34 p.m. on Monday, November 10. Greaux was responding to Friday, November 7, inquiry from the St. John newspaper.

“This subject permit is to allow the construction of a 145-skip marina, a designated mooring field of up to 75 moorings, a pump-out stations and a fuel station at and seaward of Plot Nos. 10-17, 10-018, 10-19, 10-41 Rem. 13A, 13B, and 13Rem. Estate Carolina, St. John,” Gov. deJongh wrote Senate President Shawn Michael Malone.

“This permit also includes 27.5 acres of submerged land areas surrounding the structures described in this permit,” Gov. deJongh continued, in reference to the major portion of the anchorage the marina developers plan to cover with their marina and several relocated mooring fields.

“I can confirm that the governor has submitted for senate consideration a major CZM permit that if approved would allow the construction of a 145-slip marina, a designated mooring field of up to 75 moorings, a pump out station and a fuel station,” Government House spokesperson Greaux. emailed St. John Tradewinds.

“The permit will also allow the use and occupancy of the structures identified within the permit including 27.5 acres of submerged land areas surrounding the structures,” Greaux wrote. “The permit is for 20 years with option to renew within 90 days of the expiration date. Terms are subject to negotiation

The permit would become effective upon the Legislature’s approval, according to the CZM Permit No. CZJ-04-14(W). There was no information on the status of negotiations for the lease of the submerged lands.