DeJongh Urges Participation in Primary Election Saturday

Governor John deJongh, who by virtue of his position serves as titular head of the Virgin Islands Democratic Party, today encouraged the electorate in the Virgin Islands to participate in Saturday’s primary election.

“The national conventions are behind us and the presidential election is moving into high gear,” deJongh said in a recorded radio message. “I am extremely supportive and proud of Senator Obama’s campaign and what he has done to energize the Democratic Party on both the national and local levels.”

“We are all a part of a truly historic moment within our Party and I believe that the goals of Senator Obama’s campaign are goals that we in the Virgin Islands all share,” the governor said. “Now it is time for us here in the territory to turn our attention to our own local Democratic Party.”

“Now is the time for us to renew and re-invigorate the Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands so that it can be active in achieving our mutually shared goals here in the territory as well as contribute towards our national party’s efforts to reach out to all Americans,” said deJongh. “To do this, I need your help. To strengthen our Democratic Party, I need you to take part in the selection of its leadership.”

“Please make plans to participate in the primary election this Saturday, September 13,” the governor said. “On that ballot will appear the names of those who have presented themselves as candidates for Party office and for membership on the Territorial Committee. I urge you to take the time to learn which of these candidates you believe are willing and able to work cooperatively to achieve our shared goals.”

“Choosing well in this primary election is important and it will serve us all in the years ahead,” said deJongh. “The renewal of our local Democratic Party rests with you and it begins with your vote this Saturday, September 13. Please be a part of our Democratic Party’s future and please vote.”