DeJongh/Francis Win Primary for Democrats; Craig Barshinger of St. John Is Senator at Large Candidate


St. John residents hit the polls on Saturday, September 11, to elect their party candidates for seats as district senator, senator at large, governor, lieutenant governor and district board of elections during the territory’s Primary Election.

In the Democratic governor’s race, Governor John deJongh and running mate Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis prevailed over three also-rans.

DeJongh and Francis captured 53.3 percent of the vote, or about 7,487 votes, earning the incumbents a chance for re-election in the November 2 General Election.

“The support we have seen will no doubt take us through the November 2 General Election and beyond,” said deJongh. “We thank each and every Democrat who came out to vote today and we invite all Democrats from the other campaigns and all voters throughout the territory to join us as we continue the work we have started for all Virgin Islanders. Together, we can build a better tomorrow for all.”

The deJongh/Francis ticket beat out fellow Democratic Governor/Lt. Gov. candidates Adlah Donastorg/Samuel Baptiste, who garnered 30.61 percent or 4,300 votes, Gerard Luz James/Glen Smith, who took 12.98 percent or 1,823 votes, and James O’Bryan Jr./Pamela Richards-Samuel who received 432 votes, about 3.08 percent of the vote.

In the November 2 General Election, Democratic governor and lt. gov. candidates deJongh and Francis will face Kenneth Mapp and Malik Sekou, who have No Party.

On the Democratic senator at large ticket, incumbent Craig Barshinger overcame an Elections System of the Virgin Islands error to capture 64.44 percent of the vote. Garnering 6,348 votes territorywide, the fact that Barshinger’s name was omitted from absentee ballots had no bearing on the results, according to officials.

Barshinger beat out fellow Democrat senator at large candidate Ronnie Jones, who took 35.54 percent of the vote or 3,501 votes. In the November 2 General Election, Barshinger will face Alecia Wells and Lorelei Monsanto, both of No Party affiliation, according to the Elections System of the Virgin Islands.

In the Democratic district senator race, Shawn-Michael Malone, Carlton Dowe, Janette Millin Young, Louis Hill, Patrick Simeon Sprauve, Alvin Williams and Clarence Payne garnered enough votes to advance to the General Election.

Of the winning candidates, Malone drew the most votes taking 13.1 percent of the tally or 4,140 votes. He was followed in votes by Dowe, who garnered 3,778 votes for 11.96 percent of the total votes cast. Millin Young rounded out the top three Democratic senator seats, garnering 3,313 votes or 10.49 percent.

The seven top Democratic candidates for St. Thomas/St. John district senator bested Simon Caines, Kent Bernier, Stedmann Hodge, Allron Monsanto, Moses Carty and Patricia Thompson. On November 2, the seven winning Democratic district senate candidates will face Paul Alexander- No Party, Joseph Gumbs-No Party, Wayne Adams-ICM, Tregenza Roach-No Party, Stephen Frett-ICM, Dolores Todman-No Party, Celestino White-No Party, Darryl Williams-No Party, Elvin Fahie-No Party, Raphael Corneiro-No Party, Shirley Sadler-No Party, Horace Brooks-No Party, and Dwane Callwood-No Party.

For the Democratic St. Thomas/St. John Board of Elections, Wilma Marsh Monsanto and Claudette Georges garnered the most votes, taking 1,474 for 24.17 percent of the vote and 1,303 for 21.37 percent of the vote respectively. The two Democratic candidates will be joined on the November 2 ballot by Lydia Hendricks-No Party, Albion Lambertis-ICM Party, and Harry Daniel-Democrat.

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