Del. to Congress Donna Christensen Still Backing Senator Clinton for President

With the Democratic presidential candidacy contest heating up, Delegate to Congress Donna Christensen is holding firm in her support of New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s primary wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island on Tuesday, March 4, closed the delegate gap freshman Illinois Senator Barack Obama had amassed with 11 straight previous wins.

As of Wednesday, March 5, Obama was leading Clinton in delegate votes by only just more than 100 votes, according to the New York Times.
Democratic delegate votes in Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Mississippi are still up for grabs.

While the Virgin Islands Democratic Club overwhelmingly backed Obama, Christensen is not about to change her position.
“You can’t give your word and then take it back,” said Christensen. “I’ve learned it has stood me in good stead to be a person of my word. That is the way I was raised and that is the way that I operate and how I will continue to operate.”

And despite the local Democratic club’s position, Clinton does have support in the territory, according to Christensen.

“Despite the vote, Senator Clinton does have a fair amount of support in the Virgin Islands,” she said. “It’s not as though she doesn’t have any support there. The vote went one way, but the fact is that Senator Clinton does have support in the Virgin Islands.”

Although the current momentum remains in Obama’s favor, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way over the next few crucial weeks, Christensen added.

“Campaigns are fluid things and things may change as we move forward from here,” she said. “My commitment remains with Senator Clinton.”
The delegate to congress was reached at the Cincinnati airport on Tuesday, March 4, on her way back to Washington, D.C. from campaigning alongside Clinton. Christensen, who has also campaigned with Clinton in New Jersey, Delaware and Tennessee, admitted that Obama actually has a stronger ground campaign — but that might be changing.

“From my experience on the ground, Senator Obama has a stronger ground campaign,” the delegate said. “Senator Clinton’s ground campaign has not been as effective as Senator Obama’s. That has been the edge.”

“Senator Clinton is a very aggressive campaigner and she has been doing very well on her own,” Christensen continued. “I think her ground campaign is getting better as of late. Some of her responses to issues are greatly improved.”

With President George W. Bush’s administration winding down, the country has a lot of work to do and Clinton is the candidate who can accomplish the most, Christensen explained.

“I think for where we are right now and the work that has to be done, Clinton is the one we need in office,” said the delegate to congress. “We’ve lost a lot of ground over the past seven and a half years, and while Senator Obama is very bright and an upcoming person in the party who has great promise not only for the black community but for the country, right now I think Clinton is the best candidate.”

Agreeing with what many in the political arena have already dubbed a “golden ticket,” Christensen believes that Obama and Clinton would be unbeatable if they joined forces.

“Either way I would like to see them together,”  Christensen said. “I will have input on that and that is going to be something that I will be working toward no matter who comes out on top.”