Delegate Christensen Handles Interview on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report

Delegate to Congress Donna Christensen appeared last week as a guest on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report in a segment titled “Better Know A District,” or as Colbert quipped, “Better Know A Protectorate.”

In a humorous interview, Colbert questioned Christensen about her voting record in Congress.

“You have one of the worst voting records in Congress,” he said. “Do you feel like you’re at the kids’ table?”

Christensen, who is a non-voting member of Congress, admitted that she would love to be able to vote.

“I certainly don’t feel like a full member of Congress,” she said.

Colbert also questioned how the Virgin Islands got their name, considering the number of different countries who have claimed the islands.

“Shouldn’t it be called the ‘Been Around the Block Islands,’ or ‘Not Until the Third Date Islands?’” he said.

Colbert questioned the rendundancy of her full name, Donna Christian-Christensen, and asked about her possibly over-zealous devotion to religion.

“That would be like calling somebody Rebecca Jewie-Jewishsen,” he joked.

Christensen enjoyed participating on the show, she said in a press release about the appearance.

Looking at Humorous Side
“There is so much that is serious about what we do in the Congress,” said Christensen. “This was a chance to look at the humorous side of things and to not take ourselves quite so seriously.”

“Other members who have done the show before me tell me that they get a great response from their younger constituents, who usually don’t pay close attention to politics,” Christensen added.

“If this draws them in, I am all for it,” she added.

Christensen, often appearing to hold back laughter, maintained her composure throughout the hour-long interview, five minutes of which appeared on Colbert’s show.

The show, which was taped last month, first aired on Thursday night, March 16. It will repeat on Monday, March 20, at 11:30 a.m., and again at 3:30 and at 9:30 pm. Comedy Central is on Innovative Cable channel 32.