Demolition at Maho Bay Begins To Prepare for Construction of Restroom, Pavilion

The VINP Division of Maintenance demolished a masonry building on the South side of Maho Bay in preparation for construction of new facilities.

The demolition of one building, a wooden deck and two cisterns began last week at Maho Bay in preparation for the construction of a state of the art restroom and pavilion facility, and parking spaces at the southwest end of the beach.

The building, which has already been demolished, was originally used as living quarters for V.I. National Park rangers, explained VINP Chief of Maintenance Leon Varlack.

“I was told by a long-term resident that the one-story masonry building was used as a ranger’s quarters,” he said. “The park also used a portion of it for restrooms in the past.”

Two cisterns and a wooden deck adjacent to the green building will also be removed in preparation for the construction.

“We’ll be installing a state of the art pavilion, with two shelters and one restroom,” said Varlack.

Shelters, Restroom
The pavilion will be similar to those constructed at Trunk Bay and Hawksnest, Varlack added.

The green building at Maho will remain in tact, but will not be used in the pavilion design.

The park has had plans for the Maho Bay pavilion for several years; however, erosion concerns delayed the construction.

“Erosion problems come and go,” said Varlack. “If you look at the drawings, the building is not going to be too far on the beach.”

A contractor for the project has not yet been named, and a start date for the construction of the pavilion has not been set.