Devin Braun Bests Highest Territorial GED Score

Devin Braun. St. John Tradewinds News Photo by Eliza Magro

For 17-year-old St. John resident Devin Braun, beating last year’s high GED score of 3,420 held by St. John resident Zan Cameron means more than just bragging rights — she’s earned herself a trip to the states to visit her friend Nathan Geiger.

After reading about Cameron’s GED score in the St. John Tradewinds, Braun’s mother Sarah Close offered her an incentive to beat his score.

“She’s a very bright student, and just for an incentive I told her that if she beat Zan’s score and got the highest in the territory, I’d buy her a ticket to see Nathan in the states,” said Close. “She also wanted to get a high score because it will look good on her college applications.”

Braun somehow found time to study for the GED exam in between working for her mother at the St. John Inn, delivering pizzas for Ronnie’s Pizza, babysitting at the Unitarian Church and helping out with her younger brother.

“She’s always worked very hard,” said Braun’s mother Close. “Before we moved here, I was in real estate and she always helped me out with a paintroller or hammer. She’s helped me around the hotel since we moved here, and she’s pretty much been able to run it by herself since the eighth grade.”

GED Best Decision
Braun opted to earn her GED after completing her sophomore year in high school, Close added.

“She was really ready for a change,” she said. “We went through different options with other schools, and decided that getting a GED and starting college was the best decision for our family. She’s started at UVI to get her general education classes out of the way.”

The decision was a good one for Braun, who earned a 3,650 out of a possible 4,000 points. The teenager went into the test well-prepared, she explained.

“I worked really hard at getting my GED,” said Braun. “I studied for it and I just went in knowing I would pass. I was hoping to get the highest score.”

Up next on the busy teenager’s plate is taking the SAT and ACT, and traveling to the states to visit colleges in Boston and Minnesota.

“I leave on Saturday [December 8] for Boston, where I’ll visit Northeastern, which is my number one choice,” said Braun. “I’ll visit Boston University and probably Columbia University. Northeastern has a five-year co-op program where you get work experience, and I’ve heard a lot of great things about the city of Boston.”

University Visits
In the spring, the 17-year-old will visit universities in Minnesota, her home before she moved to St. John. She is still undecided on what her major will be, however she is looking into both education and psychology.

Braun’s work ethic and dedication to earning an education is one way to stay busy, she explained.

“It’s been something to do living here on St. John,” said Braun. “There’s not a lot to do, so it keeps me busy.”

The teenager’s mother could not be more proud of her daughter.

“I didn’t have any doubt she’d do well,” said Close. “I’m very proud of her, not only for her academic achievements, but for the young woman she’s turning into.”