Disgusted, Angry and Sad at These Selfish, Greedy People

Dear Editor:

My Monday started out pretty good, until I saw the Tradewinds headline regarding the proposed condo development at Pastory. I had heard rumors that something was going to be happening up there, and even asked one of the owner/managers of the restaurant if it was true. He assured me it was not. Silly me, I believed him.

Is there some sort of pissing contest going on between developers? “Mine is bigger than yours?”

First, the Grande Bay destruction, then Sirenusa, and now Pastory?

Come on, guys, are 9 STORIES really necessary to make a (large) buck?

When are our leaders going to stop this wanton raping and pillaging of our island home?

Not too long ago, the people living in that area had to endure the noise, dirt, traffic and construction vehicles when the restaurant and golf course were being put in. I believe it was a project most everyone looked forward to seeing finished, and the restaurant gazebo turned out beautifully and lots of people I know have enjoyed playing mini-golf there. The landscaping was lovely, too.

Now, they’ll have to go through it all again, on a much larger scale, for this monstrosity.

The view and breezes will no longer be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to go there for a drink, dinner, or to listen to local musicians. Only the folks with the mega-bucks to buy one of the (I’m sure) expensive condos will have that pleasure. The families who brought their kids there for a fun evening together playing mini-golf will have one less place to go.

Another traffic nightmare—another unsightly gash in our beautiful island. More runoff to slide down hillsides. More stress on our already overburdened infrastructure. I just don’t see how anyone can think something like this is good for St. John. As far as I’m concerned, it’s only good to make a ton of money for someone, and there are more negatives than positives. Except, of course, for the one making all the money.

Disgusted, Angry, and Sad at these Selfish, Greedy People,
Pam Dolson
Maho Bay